About us...

We are a unique, education based Montessori preschool.

We believe that every child is unique in every way and we embrace that.

At our preschool  we do not require for children to be toilet trained. 


If your child is turning 3 years old in 2021 and you are looking for a preschool, for September 2021 school year,

please contact us, we have only few spots available.

Public registration for the new school year (2021/22) started in February 2021. 


To make an appointment, meet the teachers and see our preschool please contact us.

To See More...

From our theme based circle times, to weekly art projects, from math and language manipulatives to science  corner, these are just a few thing all our programs provide.
Come and see everything our school has to offer!

If your child is turning 3 years old in 2022  and you are looking for a preschool for September 2022/2023.
Please contact us at the begining of November 2021.

We will be having Parent evening and a Tour of the preschool  at the end of November.
Space will  be limited.

Gradual Entryng 1

Separation anxiety is very common for children who are starting  preschool. It doesn't matter if they are 2 1/2 or 5 year old gradual entry is very important. For most of them it is the first time staying somewhere without their parents. That is why we believe that gradual entry is very important.  It reassures the child that it is safe to stay at preschool, that  preschool is fun and most of all that mom/dad are coming back to pick them up.