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TOURS are OPEN for Sept.2024 Registration
* afternoon spots ONLY available *

Interested in a tour for a September 2024 start? Please fill out a              "Pre-Tour" form below (Step #2), email it to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Step #1 Contact Form

TOURS ARE OPEN for a Sept.2024 start - go to Step #2
Tours are only for children able to register/start in September of  2024. Your child must be turning 3 before Dec.31, 2024.

Step #2 Pre-Tour Form

Please fill out this Pre-Tour Form and email it to us at

Step #3 Wait to receive an email 

We will contact you by email to book a day and time for a tour. YOUR CHILD must attend the tour with you.


Step #4 Registration 

  • After your tour, if we can offer you a spot at our preschool we will send you an email. To secure your spot, our registration fee and deposit fee are due within 48 hrs. Both fees can be sent by etransfer.

  • Fill out a registration form next. You can scan and email it to us, or you can drop the completed form off at our pre-school through our front-door mail slot within 7 business days. Please include a 4x6 photo of your child and 2 small photos for your forms.

Step #5 Preparing for Preschool

Preschool is a big step for many children – it can be the first time away from mom and dad, the first time taking instruction from another adult other than mom or dad, and due to Covid it could be the first time engaging with other children that are not related. No matter what your child’s previous experience has been, there are ways  to ensure your child’s success and lessen your and their anxiety BEFORE registering/starting a preschool program

  • Leave them with a relative, family friend or sitter for a few hours. The first time might be hard but stick to it and it will get easier.

  • Enroll them into a local community program where they can see you, but you are not directly involved such as swimming lessons or at a Strong Start program.

  • If your child does not speak English, teach them a few basic words so that their immediate needs can be met. Words such as: water, snack, potty, hurt, sad, up, down, yes and no, will make your child's transition much smoother.

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