Workshops at Little Cube Montessori

***If you and a few of friends are interested in any of our workshops let us know!***


*First Aid for Children-Jessica Powell-  OCTOBER 28th, 10-noon

Jessica Powell is a paramedic and licensed instructor for

This class is for peace of mind, a certificate will not be issued.

Some topics that will be covered in this 2 hour session are:

* Infant/Child Choking

* Unconsciousness

* Infant/Child CPR

* Sezuire

* Falls



Introduction to Preschool  -FREE Informational Workshop/Seminar

A New year is here but questions that you had from last year might still be on your mind.

*When is the right time for my child to go to preschool? What time of year does registration start?

*How do I choose the preschool best suited for my child?

*Why choose a Montessori preschool and not a Play based preschool?

*How many days/hours should I register my child for?

*Should I choose a morning or afternoon class?


All those questions and  more will be answered in this workshop.

Our teachers with over 15 years of Montessori teaching experience will be answering your questions and talking about; *How Montessori works? *What are the areas of Montessori? *Why these areas are important in the early years of child’s development? *What is important to know before you register your child for preschool and *if you decide to register your child in Montessori what to look for? 


A list of questions to ask any preschool or daycare before choosing the right one for your child will be provided.


Please email us for all seminars at to reserve a spot.