2.5 hours Montessori
Preschool Program
8:45-11:15 or 12:45-3:15


This class is a traditional preschool class. Class time  of 2 1/2 hours is geared towards younger children who are not fully toilet trained or children just starting preschool. During this class children are introduced to montessori materials and methods, depending on where they are at. They are taught grace and courtesy as well as manners and respect. In this class children are getting use to classroom routine and consistency.

This class helps children to become confident and builds trust and independence within a child."I can stay on my own and mom/dad will come and pick me up."

4 hours Montessori
Preschool Program
8:45-12:45 or 11:15-3:15

This class is considered an extended day to a traditional  2 1/2 hour preschool day. The children spend the  first part of the class with their 2 1/2 hour friends and this class is for children who are ready to spend longer periods of time with out their parents. It includes a lunch time and extra curricular activities after lunch such as;  science experiments, sewing, bigger art projects, etc. This program is for children who are toilet trained, can eat their lunch on their own and  for children that can 

dress/undress themselves as well as for children that don't require naps. 

In most of the cases this class is to prepare the child for  Junior kindergarten/ kindergarten.


Gradual Entry: 


Separation anxiety is very common for children who are starting  preschool. For most of them it is the first time staying somewhere without their parents. That is why we believe that gradual entry is very important no matter which program you choose. It reassures the child that it is safe to stay at preschool, that  preschool is fun and most of all that mom/dad are coming back to pick them up.

Every Child is required to have an gradual entry when he/she joins our preschool. 



All our preschool programs are available:

-Monday to Wednesday( 3 day) or

-Monday to Thursday (4 day) 


To make an appointment give us a call @ 604-248-5111  

Natasa & Kim