#1  Intro to Preschool

#2  I’m a Preschooler 

3 days x 2.5 hrs
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
8:45am – 11:15 or 12:45pm – 3:15pm
$400 per month

4 days x 2.5 hrs
Monday to Thursday
8:45am – 11:15 or 12:45pm – 3:15pm
$470 per month

The 2.5 - hour classes, our traditional preschool program, is a stepping stone to our longer programs. The shorter class time is geared towards children that are not fully toilet trained, have not been in a previous preschool program, or children that are just learning English or are nonverbal. The children are introduced to the six areas of Montessori, with a focus on becoming independent. Children are taught
classroom expectations, how to choose their own work/activities, how to work with a friend, how to take turns as well as courtesy and grace. These important lessons are taught using songs, story boards, puppets, games as well as group and individual presentations.
Most importantly, these shorter programs give children the confidence in stay with adults other than you, and take instructions from them, giving them the emotional readiness to stay in our longer programs.

#3  Moving Up  

#4  Pre-K

3 days x 4 hrs
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
8:45 – 12: 45 or 11:15 to 3:15
$520 per month

4 days x 4 hrs
Monday to Thursday
8:45am – 12: 45pm or 11:15am to 3:15pm
$590 per month

These classes are considered an extension of the traditional 2.5- hour preschool day. The Moving UP and Pre-K classes overlap, so all the children in those programs lunch together. It's a special time to interact with one another as they are all of the same age and getting ready for kindergarten. Both of these classes are for children who are ready to spend longer periods of time without their parents. These programs include lunch time and extra curricular group activities such as; science experiments, sewing, and bigger art projects. The children in these classes  are fully toilet trained, can eat their lunch on their own with minimal help, can dress/undress themselves as well as and do not require naps. In most of the cases this class is to prepare your child for kindergarten.

A Quality Montessori Classroom has a busy, productive atmosphere where joy and respect abound.